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Spoonesaurus Magazine

Spoonesaurus Magazine is a real, physical, printed magazine that celebrates and promotes the craft of carving spoons. 

The magazine is published quarterly, with issues coming out in the middle of October, January, April and July.
The cutoff date to receive each issue is the 10th of the date it comes out. If you subscribe by that day you should be good. Once you subscribe, you will continue to get issues without having to do anything further.

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About us

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Spoonesaurus was started by Emmet Van Driesche and Matt White. In December 2020, Emmet bought out Matt's share of the business. We are both spooncarvers, but we also wear different hats. Emmet is a farmer and writer, while Matt is a toolmaker and photographer. Emmet lives in western Massachusetts while Matt lives in southern New Hampshire. Emmet's work can be found at www.emmetvandriesche.com

while Matt's can be found at www.templemtnwoodcraft.com .

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