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Welcome to Spoonesaurus!

Spoonesaurus Magazine is a real, physical, printed magazine that celebrates and promotes the craft of carving spoons.

Published quarterly, the magazine comes out in January, April, July and October.


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The cut-off date to receive each issue is the 10th of each release month. Once you subscribe, you will continue to receive issues without having to do anything further. You can cancel your subscription at any time from your Paypal account.

Spoonesaurus Magazine:
The Compendium, Book 1

Spoonesaurus Magazine was started in 2018 and over the years has featured dozens of well-known and lesser known members of the community in the form of interviews and articles written by people expert in a given topic. 


For a long time, if you missed an issue, you missed it. We couldn't handle the logistical demands of allowing people to order back issues, and all of the tracking and administrative follow through that would require. But we recognize that someone subscribing would naturally be interested in all of the material that came before, and so we have decided to create a series of books with the back issues. Every ten issues we will put out another book.

For this to work (again with the administrative load), we needed to print the books in a way where we didn't need to handle them ourselves, so we are using a print-on-demand service called that prints each book as it is ordered and ships it directly to you. Frankly, we wouldn't undertake this project otherwise.
Partly because of this business model, but mostly because the books are freaking huge (hundreds of glossy pages!), they are expensive. We have opted for full transparency here: each book costs Blurb $125 to print. Adding an additional $25 to that for our profit margin brings the price to $150. This is obviously a lot of money, and we recognize that those of you who are only missing a few issues will not find this much of a solution, but it is what we can do.
There are all-new introductions to each issue giving some context to what was going on at the time, and this first book also contains the super rare Issue 00 that I first printed as a proof of concept and gave away at Greenwoodfest. Mike and I are super proud of this book, and hope it gives you a great deal of pleasure. Thank you for supporting our work.


We are very excited to announce that Compendium Book 2 is now available! This compiles issues 11-20 of the magazine.

We are very excited to announce that Emmet's new book, Greenwood Spoon Carving, is now being published by Mortise and Tenon magazine. Originally, self-published, working with M&T has allowed us to make this available for just $48. This is a master class in a book, the culmination of three years of work, and as close to a download of Emmet's brain about spoon carving as we were able to make.
Formatting and design by Mike Marrotte.
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Meet The Team

Spoonesaurus was started by Emmet Van Driesche and Matt White in 2017 as an Instagram account (@spoonesaurus) that would be a place to share spoon carving tips and techniques. Six months later this became Spoonesaurus Magazine when Matt graciously allowed himself to be dragged into the project by Emmet, who was too nervous to do it by himself. Mike Marrotte joined the project as the lead designer in 2019, and Matt bowed out in 2020.

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Emmet Van Driesche

Creator | Editor

Emmet spends most of the year carving spoons and making spoon blanks for people. He does a lot of writing and also has a daily podcast called Emmet Audio that you might want to check out if you're into that sort of thing. In November and December, he runs a coppiced Christmas tree farm in western Massachusetts and doesn't think about spoons at all.

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Mike Marrotte

Lead Designer | Assistant Editor

Mike works full time as a video producer, graphic designer and photographer. After learning the ropes of carving from Spoonesaurus posts and articles, he decided to contribute his day job skills to the efforts of the magazine and has been designing the spreads ever since! He's an occasional spoon carver who often gets distracted by a myriad of other hobbies and adventures.

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Please be in touch with Emmet with any questions:

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